The Mill Gourmet

Bringing together unique flavors, The Mill Gourmet Series consists of a wide range of products from grilled green olives to bitter pepper paste & dried tomatoes soaked in olive oil to orange jam.

Arnas Agro brings its best knowledge and expertise in this new series The Mill Gourmet. The Mill Gourmet series, which stands out with its sweet and savory product variety, is the result of a quality production process.

The Mill Gourmet Series will turn your breakfast into delicious experience.

Black Kalamata Olives

Black kalamata olives; The most natural combination of olive oil, salt and vinegar.

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Green Kalamata Olives

With their natural aroma and a distinct taste, Kalamata olives separate themself from other olives.

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Handmade Orange Jam

We transformed delicious Mediterranean oranges, together with their peels, into a flavor of rich aroma and a unique consistency.

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Tomato Paste

Summer tomatoes were transformed into tomato paste under hygienic conditions by adding a trace amount of salt and then they dried in the sun.

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Grilled Dried Tomato

Drying tomatoes is a method developed during the war years to be able to eat tomato, which is a summer vegetable, in other seasons. Dried tomatoes are still popular today.

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Acuka (Hot Breakfast Spread)

Acuka; A world-famous local delicacy. The most natural combination of tomato paste, hot pepper paste, garlic, spices, walnuts, and natural olive oil.

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Grilled Olive Salad (With Wallnut, Lemon And Dried Tomato)

The unique harmony of grilled green olives with quality walnuts, lemon and dried tomatoes.

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Hot Pepper Paste

The very hot red capia peppers combined with a trace amount of salt and then exposed to sunlight under superior hygiene conditions turned into The Mill Gourmet Pepper Paste.

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Pepper Paste

To add flavor to Your meals, red capia peppers have been transformed into paste under hygienic conditions.

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Naturally Fermented Black Olives

The highest quality naturally fermented black table olives of the North Aegean Gemlik region are within The Mill Gourmet series.

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Green table olives were lightly sealed on a low heat grill, then blended with extra virgin olive oil, spice mixture, and garlic.

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A wonderful flavor created by coupling lightly grilled green table olives with dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, spices, and garlic.

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