A wonderful flavor created by coupling lightly grilled green table olives with dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, spices, and garlic.

Large green table olives, one of the most precious olive varieties of Balıkesir Region, have been transformed by the Mill expertise into a gourmet worthy taste.

Since our green olives are grilled at low temperatures, their taste increases, and their nutritional value is preserved. Then they are mixed with dried tomatoes, fresh natural garlic, and the spice mixture specially prepared by The Mill’s expert teams. Finally, they are patiently kept in olive oil.

Despite the rich spice mix and the intense taste of natural garlic, we have created an extremely mild flavor. Its content patiently kept in olive oil does not cause bad breath.

INGREDIENTS: Table green olives, dried tomatoes, natural olive oil, spice mix, fresh natural garlic.


The Mill Grilled Olive Salad with Dried Tomatoes will be indispensable for Your breakfasts. You can use it in all kinds of salads, add it to grilled vegetable diets, and consume it with nuts at snacks.


Bringing together the most powerful antioxidants of nature, The Mill Grilled Olive Salad with Dried Tomatoes besides its flavor is also a full health depot. It is rich in amounts of A, B, C, E vitamins.