The Mill Natural Fremented Olives

Unique flavor from centuries-old olive trees to your tables,expertly fermented.

The flavor from mythological climates to the present: Olive!

Olives are the fruit of a tree that can live for centuries, clinging to the cliffs in arid climates, strong winds and harsh climatic conditions that extend from mythological climates to the present day.

We carefully collect special olives grown in fertile lands. We deliver it to your tables without any chemical preservatives.


We ferment our olives with natural methods without exposure to chemical processes and without adding an artificial colorants.We respect human life and health and maintain the purity of nature.

Health source

Our Mill natural fermented olives have vitamins A, C, E, protein, calcium, chlorine, sulfur and precious minerals.Its positive effects on the human body has been used as a source of natural remedy in various cultures for centuries.

Whole Olive Types

If you take olives by region or pay attention to details such as size and taste; it’s a good idea to take a look at the olive varieties.We offer you our green olive varieties , black and pepper filled olives.

Modern Packaging

We combine the power of olives from ancient mythology with modern packaging methods.We do not doubt that the taste and quality of The Mill olives will please you.

Natural Fermented Black Olives

We collect our olives from centuries-old trees grown in the fertile lands of the Aegean.We carefully choose the highest quality of olives of unique flavor, obtained from thousands of trees.

In our hygienic facilities, we pack and deliver them carefully and deliver it to you.

Extra Premium

  • 201-260 L
  • Net: 900 gr


  • 291-320 S
  • Net: 900 gr


  • 321-350 XS
  • Net: 900 gr


  • 291-350 S-XS
  • Net: 450 gr

We produce with care

Our olives are sent to production line after the control of our expert staff; it is processed by preserving its naturalness at every stage of production.

Our high quality olives; fermented by natural methods.It has a unique flavor as a result of its natural fermentation.

Green Table Olives

The Mill green table olive are finely brined.Pepper-stuffed, cocktail and cracked varieties are available.containes no additives. The Mill green olives are produced hygienic conditions, is available in glass jars and has a shelf life of 24 months.


  • 141-160 (4XL)
  • Net: 710 gr


  • 111-140 (5XL-6XL)
  • Net: 700 gr

Pepper Stuffed

  • 181-230 (2XL-XL)
  • Net: 680 gr