Summer tomatoes were transformed into tomato paste under hygienic conditions by adding a trace amount of salt and then they dried in the sun.

Our garden tomatoes, all collected by hand, are crushed and ground under superior hygiene conditions. Then they are patiently kept waiting to reach the tomato paste form, and to dry. It does not contain artificial flavors, colorants, and thickeners.

Since it is prepared with completely natural methods, its nourishing effect is high while preserving its freshness. It does not contain any preservatives or additives. The Mill is produced by expert teams, taking into account the appropriate environmental conditions.

It gets its bright red color only from natural garden tomatoes harvested in season.

The Mill Sundried Tomato Paste will offer privileges to both Your health and taste palate. It is the most natural form of traditional tomato paste flavor with its smell, consistency, and taste.

INGREDIENTS: Garden tomato, trace amount of salt.


With its smell, consistency, and unique taste The Mill Sundried Tomato Paste can be used in all kinds of juicy dishes. You can prepare flavor-enhancing sauces on a pizza base or spread it on bread.


Since its naturalness is preserved, The Mill Sundried Tomato Paste contains high levels of A, C and E vitamins.