Acuka; A world-famous local delicacy. The most natural combination of tomato paste, hot pepper paste, garlic, spices, walnuts, and natural olive oil.

Acuka, which has an important place in the Anatolian and Caucasian dining tables, is now with the Mill difference with You. This spreadable hot sauce will accompany You at breakfast and snacks.

Fresh summer tomatoes and succulent hot capia peppers, each carefully selected, were made into paste under superior hygiene conditions. Then the walnuts prepared by The Mill expert teams were blended with natural pomegranate syrup, fresh garlic, and spice mixture. At the last stage, ACUKA emerged by waiting patiently in olive oil.

The famous extreme bitterness of Acuka comes from its natural ingredients; It does not contain thickeners, artificial sweeteners, and artificial colorants.

INGREDIENTS: Tomato paste, pepper paste, olive oil, natural pomegranate syrup, walnut, various spices, garlic.


Its scent and unique taste invite You to consume it at Your breakfast tables. Due to its dense texture, it is very suitable for consumption by spreading it on bread and crisps. With Acuka, you can prepare sauces for your pasta and add it to pastries as a flavor enhancer.


Contains vitamins A, B, C, E as well as omega-3 fatty acids that can help improve memory and focus. The essential fatty acids found in walnuts support strengthening the body’s bone health.