Using the powerful technology we inhereted from our traditions, we give you fine flavors with our strategies that care about human health.

Tradition and passion

By combining our agricultural traditions with great soil and passion, we created unique products.

Made with love

We work with great care and love without skipping any detail at each stage of our products' production.

Natural Quality

In all processes, we use methods to preserve the naturalness of our products.

Our priority is your health

In our production facilities, we produce in accordance with international food hygiene and health rules.

The best coffee beans are skillfully roasted and carefully packed.
  • Turkish Coffee

    A traditional ground coffee obtained from premium coffee beans. Suitable for cooking in a Turkish coffee cooking pot and coffee machines.

  • Dibek Coffee

    100% real spices are used. Contains no preservatives, sweeteners or artificial flavors. Enjoy the taste created by the combination of rich flavors.

  • Terebinth (Menengic) Coffee

    Obtained from roasted and grounded Terebinth.Contains no preservatives, sweeteners or artificial flavors.

100% natural cold pressed olive oil from the magnificent olives of the Aegean Region


Green fruits that have been freshly ripened give grassy, ​​herbaceous and slightly burning oils.


The feeling of slight burning in the mouth and throat is a sign of abundant nutrients in good and fresh extra virgin olive oil.

Bitter in taste

Fresh olive oil often leaves a pleasant bitterness on the tongue.

Cold pressed

Cold press is a process of pressing the collected olives by modern methods without any other treatment.

It's the fruit of a miracle tree that can live for centuries, from mythological climates to the present day.
  • Health Source

    Our The Mill natural fermented olives have vitamins A, C, E, protein, calcium, chlorine, sulfur and precious minerals.

  • Black Natural Fremented Olives

    We collect our olives from centuries-old trees grown in the fertile lands of the Aegean Region.A unique flavor from thousands of trees.

  • Naturalness

    We ferment our olives with natural methods without exposure to chemical processes and without adding artificial colorants.Human health is our priority.

  • Quality

    The Mill green table olives are high-quality brine products.

  • Varieties

    There are pepper filled, cocktail and crushed varieties. It does not contain any additives.

  • Hygienic

    The Mill green table olives are manufactured in hygienic conditions.

  • Flavor

    Bringing together unique flavors, The Mill Gourmet Series consists of a wide range of products from grilled green olives to bitter pepper paste & dried tomatoes soaked in olive oil to orange jam.

  • Gourmet

    The Mill Gourmet series, which stands out with its sweet and savory product variety, is the result of a quality production process.

  • Taste

    The Mill Gourmet Series will turn your breakfast into delicious experience.

Tahini and molasses; are indispensable for breakfasts with their rich content such as unsaturated fats which are very beneficial for heart health, iron and vitamins.
  • Tahini

    Our Mill Tahini product is made of 100% sesame.Add both health and flavor to your breakfasts with 100% natural and first-class quality with The Mill Tahini.

  • Halva

    The Mill Halva will decorate your meals as both nutritious and delicious food source.

  • Molasses

    The Mill Molasses is a dense and a sweet syrup extracted from grapes.As grapes are poured into the boilers , they become consistent and tastier.